Posted on January 6, 2011.

A friend of mine routinely gets Dunkin Donuts $5 gift cards in the mail as part of a rewards program with his Amex. Each card must be activated on a Dunkin Donut’s activation page before it can be used.

The website contains a simple form, requiring the 16 digit card number, the 8 digit card pin number, and an email address.

Since my friend is normally in line at DD before he realizes he didn’t activate his card, he needed a better way.

A Better, and Easier way

I created a script, using Tropo, that enables the card to be activated via SMS. The SMS needs a 16 digit card number, an 8 digit pin, and an optional email address.

1111222233334444 77778888

The script sends a reply SMS, containing either a message stating the dollar amount on the card (success), or an appropriate error message if something went wrong.

Get the script

Clone the repo, git clone git:// or grab the file from the gist.

Sign up for an account on Tropo and create a new web application. You need apply for a phone number so you can SMS your app. Then upload the script file using the website, or ftp it using your credentials to