Posted on September 11, 2010.

Math Alarm is a wakeup call service that asks you math problems. You can set the alarms via SMS or on the website.

When the time comes, you receive a phone call that asks you a simple math problem, e.g. “What is 24 plus 36?”.

You answer by either speaking the digits or typing them into the phone. Math Alarm will continue to ask you math problems until you get 3 answers correct. If you hang up prematurely, or never pick up in the first place, Math Alarm calls back in 5 minutes.

And there is no limit to the number of snoozes, so you will wake up.

Trying it out

If you want to hear a sample alarm call, text test to (347) 735-9954. Don’t worry, there is no snooze setting for the test call :)

Find out more at

How it works

The application is built on top of Tropo and currently uses the Tornado webserver with Redis for the data storage.