Posted on February 28, 2011.

This plugin has been around for awhile now in one form or another, but I’m just writing it up now. This is a plugin for XBMC that displays videos found on It is a curated website that embeds movies and TV shows found on google video, and other sources. This means all of the movies have expired copyrights or are already in the public domain. For the most part, this means most of the videos are really old.

Below is a histogram of the movies on the site I made using matplotlib. I scraped all the movie titles from the site, and parsed out the year listed in the title. If you want to check out the code, I uploaded the scraper to a github gist.

In case you were wondering, those 2 outliers to the left are:

You can find the plugin in the official XBMC repository (and install it from within XBMC) or you can find the source on github.

If you like this plugin, check out my other one for Academic Earth.